A book with the amazing story of God's heart of love on every page!

When kids know who they are it changes EVERYTHING!

The single focus of this book is to give peace to children as they grow in their identity. We want to help empower parents to use this book as a quiet learning tool with kids to help them build relationships and self-confidence! When we take time to walk with our kids and reflect God to them...it will help them know that God delights in them just like we do. They will learn that even in the most difficult struggles of life God is always with them and they can still find joy in the trial.

This children's book is a breath of fresh air - interactive, foundational, and fun! Because of that, my kids and I have read it over and over. It beautifully presents every child's identity in Christ in a way that is truly engaging. 

Elizabeth V.

I love the message this story brings to my kids and how uplifting and positive it is. I can honestly say I had a hard time reading through it because of the tears it brought to my eyes, its definitely what I needed at this time in my life.

Emily R.