What Do You See? What Does God See?

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Are you looking for that one special book for your kids, that one that makes memories, the one that they ask to be read multiple times?

The world's book stores are filled with children's book titles, but there is nothing like this award winning book "What Do You See? What Does God See?"

Growing up is a magical time and early childhood is a season of curiosity and exploring. Children’s minds receive new information daily and they build an identity from what they see and hear. So why not use the alphabet in a whole new way and introduce them to what God sees in them?

This alphabet book is intended to help them know a God who wants to be in relationship with them.

Every page is filled with His beautiful biblical promises to us!

The book uses fun phrases and words on each page, which are specific for that letter. By the end of the book kids will have heard how much they are loved. How special they are to God and so much more!

The world will not always reinforce or give your kids a good message. So we need to support and train them to learn mind management as early as possible. This book can help assist with that. It is not only to be used in early childhood but also to continue through adolescence to reinforce the messages. So begin today to use the ABC’s to build your child’s mind with God’s promises for a truly meaningful life.

The last page lists where you can reference every scripture that is used for the alphabet words on each page.  

The book is 7.5 wide x 9 high and has a shatterproof mirror in the back cover. The book is a hardcover with inside high gloss pages for easy cleaning.