The power of reading daily with your child

We believe that you should read aloud to your children at least once a day. Finding a time without any interruption is the best. Maybe begin a bedtime tradition.

It is a common thing to hear “my child is not interested.” Don’t give up! Learning to listen takes time and experience. The more you read, the more your child will learn to sit for a story. Children need consistency in their development to begin to respond to your reading.  Introducing books as early as 8 months begins the interest.  When they are about a year old you can begin teaching words. Setting up a time daily when they are settling down is the best time to teach your children about books. Don't expect a lot in the beginning but just keep trying. The rewards will be wonderful!

Become a strong role model for them and they will become lifelong readers. Reading will also benefit and improve their vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. One of the most precious times of relationship building is the discussion that follows the reading of a great story. You can simply discuss what happened and it will be a window into their heart. You will be able to help your child learn about struggles in life and their big difficult emotions!

The topics you can cover are endless! There is such important information you can gather about your child's feelings and thought processes if you will take the time to discuss the story. This will be an important foundation building time in your child that will last a lifetime.