Living in our Heavenly Identity


Do you ever feel weary in doing good, trying to keep smiling and pressing through?

When we are struggling and hoping we can just keep going, it can get tiresome.

Our desire is to pull back and coast. Maybe quitting sounds like the answer.

I feel that way sometimes and one day I had a realization.

I wasn't living out of faith.

When facing pressure, maybe even boredom, I was looking at life through the lens of my physical senses. I was putting more faith in my physical body experiences rather than seeing from my heavenly identity, which is eternal. 

These earthly bodies we live in each day have frailties. They are only temporary and I can forget that. My mind if not renewed forgets I have been made new through Jesus! I can live by faith in my new heavenly identity because that is what Jesus did for me.

We are eternal beings by design. So when feeling overwhelmed like a mere mortal, understand there is no real power in the flesh. The greater truth is the Lord is your permanent abode.

In times like this as difficult, as it can be, we must take our minds on the journey of faith in the spirit, not our earthly senses. Jesus said, “Let me carry your burdens…they are as light as a feather and insignificant.”

My salvation is a Grace Revelation, it was free and  I didn't have to qualify based on my good works.

So in the difficult days step back, take off the old earthly garment (the one where it is all up to you to make it happen) and look in the mirror. See yourself through the eyes of the Spirit. Let Jesus wrap Himself around you, be one with Him and watch how that will ignite faith and your belief!

Let His JOY be your strength!